Abt Associates Consultant Questionnaire

You are being considered for a proposed consultancy with Abt Associates. It is Abt Associates policy to confirm that individuals meet the qualifications for being an independent consultant. So that we are able to ascertain consultancy status, please complete and submit Part 1 of this Consultant Questionnaire. When asked for the “Abt Requestor”, indicate the Abt staff person who has requested your consultancy. Any questions/items denoted with an asterisk are mandatory.

In order to complete this Questionnaire, you will need to have the documents listed below available to attach.
IMPORTANT: Note that once you begin to fill out the Questionnaire, you will not be able to save this document or make changes to it later. When you are finished, click submit
Question 9: If consulting for other organizations, provide documented evidence of work, such as a copy of an agreement/purchase order, a paid invoice, or any other type of document showing your engagement with the firm and the rate at which you were paid. Other than the rate at which you were paid, redacted copies of the documents are acceptable.
Question 11: If you represent yourself as a consultant, sample of supporting materials (business cards, stationery, advertising, business phone, colleagues, etc.)
Question 16–19: As an individual (person), you are a de facto small business, as defined by the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and referred to therein as a small business concern (FAR 19.001). As such, in order to attribute you to the correct small business socio-economic category (defined below), you represent and certify to one (or more) of these questions.
Question 20: Resume (Required)
Question 21: Biographical Data Sheet (USAID only)
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